Topaz (1969): Andre Comes Back Home


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The clip andre comes back home from Topaz (1969)

That's quite a pile of mail. Has Nicole gone away?
Yes, yes... I... didn't tell you.
She thought she might go to Paris for a while,
as long as I was going to be away.
She... didn't see as much of Michile in New York as she'd hoped.
That was my fault. I am sorry about that.
No, no. She got a bit homesick for Paris anyway.
And she didn't know how long I would be in Cuba.
The amount of junk mail that accumulates in just a few days.
Come and have a drink.
Are you sure you wouldn't like to call Nicole?
No. Besides, you can phone your office in a few minutes.
They must have the stuff from Cuba processed.
I won't be a minute. I'll just get some ice.
Ah, Rene, come in.
I've come to...
You know Mike Nordstrom?
Rene d'Arcy.
Yes, hello.
We are just about to have a drink. Will you join us?
I only dropped by to see you. If I could speak to you alone.
I'll go.
No, no, please.
We can go to my study. Here, make yourself a drink.
Come on, Rene.

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