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The clip date from Perfect Opposites (2004)

I figured out of all the signs posted on that bulletin board...
...there had to be a reason why I covered up hers.
Hey, maybe our signs were a sign?
I was sitting in my room... ...and I hear this voice whisper...
So then I'm thinking, well if I can't get her to come to dinner with me...
...then I'm just going to have to bring dinner to her.
I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to have food...
Oh I'm positive we're not allowed.
Well I hope you brought enough for everybody.
Let's start over.
I'm Drew.
And you?
My sister Terri works for this law firm in L.A.
She got me this job there while I study for the Bar.
When do you start?
2 weeks after graduation.
How come in tennis, "Love" means nothing.
Why are the first 2 points worth 15 and the third point is only worth 10?
I should get back.
So what do you say we do this again Thursday night?
You are very persistent.
I just know what I want.
Pick you up at 7?
I really can't.
Look, you seem really nice.

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