Leatherheads (2008): Carter Talking to Lexie About the War Part 2


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The clip Carter talking to Lexie about the war Part 2 from Leatherheads (2008)

I don't know how long I was there.
But it had to have been a few hours,
because by that time, the Jerries had taken the foxhole.
But I was so covered up, they never saw me.
And I never saw them.
I knew we were goners, so I jumped up, and I yelled, "Ich gebe auf!"
Ich gebe auf!
Ich gebe auf!
They thought I was one of them, so they just dropped their weapons.
They just gave up.
Ich gebe auf! I'm unarmed!
And it was right about then that I started to have a really bad feeling.
When it was all sorted out,
the Lieutenant thought it was best if we all just kept our mouths shut.
One for The Times, Private.
Let the chips fall where they may.
And then the story got bigger.
The President gave you a medal.
I would have made liars out of all the fellas.
We were stuck.
That's a lot of responsibility for a young man.
I grew up pretty fast.
It's quite a story.
And now you know.
Are we still friends?

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