Leatherheads (2008): Jimmy with a Girl


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The clip Jimmy with a girl from Leatherheads (2008)

Hey, Mikey. And you have to walk through all this meat,
like hanging beef, like beef, like bacon beef.
And by the time you get in there, you smell like a brewery.
Butcher shop.
Butcher shop.
Mr Ziegfeld says that I'm the best dancer in the line-up.
You don't say.
My kicks are so high that I almost knock myself out.
That's dangerous.
Yeah, well...
And I'm super flexible, too.
I can arch my back so that my head hits my heels.
Watch yourself there.
Is Carter Rutherford very tall? 'Cause he looks really tall.
But maybe that's just because you're kind of short.
Hiya, Dodge. Come on in.
Hey, Sully.
Evening, Dodge.
Mr Mayor.
You know the Mayor?
I ought to. I voted for him five times in the last election.
Well, if it isn't Dodge Connelly, middle-aged boy wonder.

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