Leatherheads (2008): Moving to a New Practicing Field


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The clip Moving to a new practicing field from Leatherheads (2008) with George Clooney, John Krasinski

Hey, where the hell is everybody?
CC moved practise over to Ennis Field, at the university.
Is it illustrated?
You're late.
Says who?
It's 8:30. You're late.
How's your story coming?
Swell, thanks.
Cooked his goose yet?
You get crowds like this when you practised?
By the thousands.
Yeah, I'll bet.
You saw the crowd? For a practise!
I tell you, our shit has really come in! And look at this!
That must make you happy, huh?
It must.
Hey, Dodge, you see the new uniforms?
Can you believe it?
Hey, Dodgie, look at this thing!
Brand spanking new!
Say, Dodge.
Hey, Dodge.
Hey, fellas.
Say, Dodge, you missed callisthenics.
Thank God!
Couple of plays we ran at Princeton.
A couple?
Now, I was thinking,
we should switch to the Single Back Formation
rather than sticking with the Wing. What do you think?
Well, the Single Back's good, but, see, the way we ran the team...
Which one is me?
That's you, right there, behind the guard.
I guess I should get a couple of diagrams of the plays we run.
Sure. Yeah. These are a lot like your plays, only a little more effective.

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