Leatherheads (2008): Carter Talking to Lexie About the War


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The clip Carter talking to Lexie about the war from Leatherheads (2008)

Was that a bad move? I sent her flowers.
Well, then all is forgiven.
Yes, it is.
Why don't you like to talk about the Argonne?
Who's asking?
Just me.
Stories get bigger over time.
You never went to France.
No, not that big.
Everything they say happened, happened.
It's just that the telling of it gets a little better.
How much better?
We were pinned down in a gully.
We were there about three days, I guess.
It had been raining for about a week.
So some of the fellas and I,
we hunkered down in a foxhole, and we just waited for the weather to break.
A writer from The Times was with us.
Now, you know I never drink, but it was so cold and so wet.
I started to take a few slugs off a flask.
Easy there, Carter. That stuff will melt your teeth.
Ja! Sehr gut.
Tell me again. Ich gebe surrender?
Ich gebe auf. If you have no way out, you lay down your rifle
and yell, "Ich gebe auf," otherwise they'll shoot you.
Ich gebe auf!
We were nearly out of ammo, we were down to about nine fellas,
and we had this plan that we were gonna speak enough German
to get us out of there. Take our chances in a war camp.
All through the night the fighting continued, until we were all out of ammo.
Sitting ducks. And we had been up for 36 hours.
That, and the drinking...
Okay, fellas, we ain't taking this spot any time soon.
So let's call it a night and try again.

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