Leatherheads (2008): Lexie Meets Carter


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The clip Lexie meets Carter from Leatherheads (2008)

Mr Frazier, Lexie Littleton.
I do apologise for keeping you waiting.
So, where is this cute boyfriend of mine?
Well, I thought he was behind me.
There he is now.
He finds it very difficult moving around in public.
Say, CC!
He loves his fans.
Carter, this is Miss Littleton of the Tribune. She's doing a piece on you.
Well, that'll be fine.
A pleasure, Mr Rutherford.
Carter, Miss Littleton.
Lexie, Carter.
Say, CC...
There you are.
Could you bring the car around? We're ready to leave.
I don't think this gentleman works here.
He certainly looks like the retrieving type.
Do you work here, Dodge?
No, CC, I came to talk to you.
Yes, well, I'm afraid we're going to dinner. Come, let's find a real valet, shall we?
I have $20,000 that says you might want to talk.
So if I understand you correctly, Mr Connelly,

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