The Egg and I (1947): Mrs Putnam Needs Help


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The clip Mrs Putnam needs help from The Egg and I (1947)

Come on, get away.
When I was first married, I was as neat as the next woman.
Tried to keep my house and kids clean.
But Pa's an awful old lazy so-and-so.
It was fight, fight, fight all the time, so finally give it up.
I can't make Pa change and be neat, so I'll have to change and be dirty.
Been peace in this house ever since. There, ain't this pretty?
It's perfectly beautiful.
Made one every year since I was married.
Got 'em in the closet in the spare room.
Figured it'd be something real nice to leave the kids when I die.
Why don't you enter it in the county fair?
Oh, you should! It's a wonderful idea.
What in tarnation fer?
You might win first prize. You could give the money to Tom.
He could enter college. Wouldn't that be grand?
'Tain't no use.
Birdie Hicks will win. She wrangles things around every year...
so one of her relations gets on the committee that judges them.
You could try.
I've got a better idea.
When it's finished, I'm givin' it to you.
Oh, no, I couldn't.
Oh, I got a whole parcel of'em laid away. There ain't nobody I'd rather see have it.
Take another one of them cookies, why don't ya?
Plenty where they come from. I'll get you some to take home.
They're wonderful. How do you make 'em?
Just a drop of this and a drop of that.

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