The Egg and I (1947): Dance Partners


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The clip Dance partners from The Egg and I (1947)

I admire you tremendously. You're one in a million.
Greatest sales resistance I ever met up with.
Oh, thanks.
It's no effort at all.
Try and resist if you can, but Billy Reed will get his man.
But I'm not a man.
How's this?
Ah, Bob, can't we talk about something besides chickens?
All right, what'll it be?
What about you?
Do you like your farm?
Oh, sure.
And, Betty, does she like being a farmer's wife?
She likes it fine. It was rough at first.
But she's getting used to it.
Men are such fools about women. They invariably marry the wrong one.
I wouldn't say that.
All my husbands did.
Oh, Bob, darling, are you hurt?
No, but...
Party's getting rough. I think we better go in.
Harriet, would you excuse me?
Of course. See you later.
Getting some air?
How long have you been out here?

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