The Egg and I (1947): A House Full of Character


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The clip A house full of character from The Egg and I (1947)

This is the bedroom. This is the living room.
Nice size room, isn't it?
Good floors. Won't have to do a thing to 'em.
Just scrub 'em and polish 'em.
Here's the dining room.
They don't build houses like this nowadays.
This table isn't bad, is it? Solid oak.
Don't care much for that fixture though, do you?
Wait'll you see the kitchen. Isn't this something? An old-fashioned kitchen.
Haven't seen one like this since I was a kid. None of that streamlined stuff.
This is the kind of place where you can really get down to living.
No running water, no Frigidaire. Just plenty of elbow room.
Here's the back porch out here.
Go on, take a look. That's the chicken house over there.
Of course, we'll have to make it bigger.
Those woods back there belong to us too.
Isn't that some barn? That's the pigpen in front of it.
Compact little layout, isn't it? It needs a little sprucing up.

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