The Egg and I (1947): The Neighbors Save the Day

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Published 28 Nov 2011
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The clip The neighbors save the day from The Egg and I (1947)

Winning any prizes?
Not me. I ain't entered and I ain't a-winnin'.
Birdie Hicks just took the prize for her preserves.
Head judge is her cousin.
Is he head judge of everything?
If he ain't, some other cousin is.
There's a Hicks everywhere. Can't fall down without landing on a Hicks.
You staying here, or you want to look around?
My brood's scattered. Pa lit out and I ain't seen hide nor hair of him.
I think I'll go with Ma. I'm tired of cows, even Harriet's.
I'll catch you later, huh?
Hereford, three years old...
Hello. Isn't this fun?
It certainly is.
Who's going to win?
I don't know. You're showing some mighty fine stock.
Bonny Chance is a beauty, isn't she?
You bet.
Come along to my box with me and hold my hand. I'm so excited.
Are you having fun?
I ain't had so much fun since our Bessy had a two-headed calf.
Ma, can I have a nickel?
Elly, don't muss me.
I give you a nickel a little while ago, didn't I? Don't leap on this while it's a-goin'.
You want to get killed?
I'm not Elly, Ma. I'm Sally.
You give Elly a nickel.
Oh, so you are.
Land of Goshen, I thought you was Elly. I'll give you a nickel.
Stretch it out for the rest of the day. Didn't I tell you not to jump off?
Ain't young'uns a nuisance? Swear I got so many, can't keep track of'em.
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