The Egg and I (1947): The Farm is Finished


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The clip The farm is finished from The Egg and I (1947)

But you're not the first, and you won't be the last.
We know that you're not foolish enough to be feelin'sorry for yourselves this morning.
We've all had our share of troubles, everybody that you see gathered here.
If it wasn't fire, it was something else.
Sickness, death, bad crops, one thing or another.
But that's the Lord's way. I guess He knows what He's doing.
Now, folks, I'm gonna call your names off of this list.
I want you to reply and tell me what you're going to give...
what your donation is.
Whether it's a couple of days work or a jar of preserves.
Whatever it may be, just speak right up. Mr Henty?
A two-year contract for their entire output of eggs...
and a cash advance... reasonable, of course.
Mrs Putnam?
One dozen Speckled Sussex hens.
Mr and Mrs Asa Pettigrew?
Two suckling pigs and corn to feed 'em!
Jake Burnheimer and wife?

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