The Egg and I (1947): The Rain Saves the Day


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The clip The rain saves the day from The Egg and I (1947)

And San Francisco. If they can build up a couple of cities...
we ought to be able to build up a chicken farm.
You mean you want to, really?
I want to, really.
I don't want to quit either.
I'd never feel right about it. I was just thinking about you.
We're not going to quit.
Oh, Betty.
I think you've outgrown the double-breasted pinstripe anyway.
If that's Harriet Putnam, all I can say is, she picked the wrong day!
No, it sounds like something's up.
You got yourselves pretty well burned out last night.
Livestock, buildings, crops, most everything.
There's hardly one of us that hasn't got more than he can use at this time.
So, we've gotten together to give you whatever might be necessary to get you started.
I don't want you young people to think we've come here with charity.
Nothing of the sort.
You took a bad beating last night. No denying that.

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