The Egg and I (1947): Dinner at the Kettles'


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The clip Dinner at the Kettles' from The Egg and I (1947)

Hey, Betty, what's this?
My kitchen garden. I told you about it.
You didn't tell me you were going to put it here.
What's the matter with here?
Nothing, except when it rains.
The water's gonna come over that embankment in sheets.
That's why I put it here.
So it would get plenty of water.
Have it your own way.
Come on, get dressed. We're gonna have lunch at Harriet Putnam's, remember?
Do we have to?
It certainly is a beautiful layout.
Betty, maybe one of these days we can have something like this.
If we ever get a contract for our eggs.
I could speak to Mr Henty.
He's the agent for Great Western Markets out here. They buy all my dairy products.
I'd appreciate it. We're at the stage where we can handle a steady contract.
I'll talk to him. He does almost anything I ask him to do.
He's such a dear.
Ayoung man, I take it?
Ah, he used to be. He's a little crotchety now, I'm afraid.
Besides, he has a wife.
Ha, those were the old rules.
Do you think we could go outside and look around?
Oh, of course.

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