The Egg and I (1947): Only an Egg


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The clip Only an egg from The Egg and I (1947)

Whoops! Now look what you've done.
No harm done, ma'am. It's only an egg.
Only an egg?
Yes, ma'am. Just a little old egg.
I suppose it never occurred to you that this egg is somebody's child.
That it once had a mother.
No, ma'am.
And a father.
Yes, ma'am.
You're one of those people who thinks a chicken lays an egg all by herself.
Yes, ma'am!
Well, she doesn't. She lays it with help.
And I ought to know because I helped her.
Yes, indeed, ma'am!
Telling me about eggs.
And I'll bet you think an egg is something you casually order for breakfast...
when you can't think of anything else.
Well, so did I once. But that was before The Egg And I.

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