The Egg and I (1947): Betty Prepares to Leave


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The clip Betty prepares to leave from The Egg and I (1947)

break up because of a lot of silly stubbornness.
In my opinion, you ought to keep in touch with him...
especially at this time.
I don't want to be in touch with him.
Nothing in the whole world would make me go back to him again!
Isn't it funny how a little bit of nothing like this makes everything else so unimportant?
You fight and struggle and argue and...
do crazy things.
None of it makes any difference.
This is what really counts.
Mother, I'm going back to Bob just as soon as I can.
We're coming into your station, ma'am. Better be getting started.
Thank you. Well, here we go.
Get ready to surprise your father.
It won't be long now, darling.
It's not much, but it's home.
Remember, don't be too hard on it. It'll grow on you after a while.

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