White Noise (2005): Raymond's Files


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The clip raymond's files from White Noise (2005)

Thank you for coming to the service. It would've meant a lot to him.
Oh. Thank you for doing this for me.
I'm not sure where to start. He was working off a disk, so...
Maybe Anna's original tapes might be in one of these boxes.
You all right?
I still can't believe he's gone.
Maybe he'll be in touch.
I don't know.
Said he'd made enough of a nuisance of himself when he was alive.
Just doesn't make any sense. He was helping people.
These go back years.
23, to be precise.
"Carol should know."
"Tell Thomas he should."
"Men in the room."
Oh, here's one
"500 dollars still there."
That's the kind of message I like.

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