The Express (2008): Going to Elmira


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The clip going to elmira from The Express (2008) with Charles S. Dutton, Justin Martin

That'll bring Jackie Robinson up.
He's wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform.
He's Negro and he's playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers?
That's right, boys. That there is Jackie Robinson.
The windup and the delivery.
And the drive deep into left field. And it's a home run!
Jackie Robinson with a home run, his 12th of the year,
and the crowd roars at Ebbets Field.
Now what? You gonna stare at it all night?
This here is a man who's doing a lot
without saying nothing.
Hey, Ernie.
It's great to have you back!
So you still got that Chevy? And what year is that?
It's a '39, and you, too, Mama.
A '39 Chevy.
So, Marie, you have some news for us?
Yes, sir. Mama, Daddy,
Ernie, I got married again.
To a very nice man.
The main thing is I can support you now, baby.

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