The Express (2008): the Bus Ride Home


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The clip the bus ride home from The Express (2008) with Rob Brown, Dennis Quaid

Can I sit down?
I'm sorry I lost my temper.
But I'm not sorry I stayed in the game, and I'm not sorry I scored.
Now, what kind of an apology is this?
I've never walked off the field for anybody.
These people down here, they're dug in.
They're set in their ways. We got...
Coach, that...
You're just hiding behind those words.
I have a responsibility to my team, Davis.
That's not how it has to be.
Yes. Jack, Art and me, we're all a part of your team.
But we can't run across that goal line down here without you.
It doesn't mean a damn thing unless you're with us.
Is that it?
And in college football, the Syracuse Orangemen

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