The Express (2008): Getting a Nose Bleed


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The clip getting a nose bleed from The Express (2008) with Rob Brown

Stop it.
I don't want to leave.
You don't have to leave.
I do.
I should bring you with me.
Just jump in my suitcase. You know you can fit.
Oh, no.
Oh, I slipped.
I'm sorry.
That was a mistake, too. I'm sorry.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
I have to get you a new blouse.
Look at you.
What are you doing?
He's at the 10.
The 20, the 30...
The 40...
Is that another nose bleed?
You know, Hound Dog says he gets hit so hard,
he wakes up with blood on his pillow. Doesn't even know where it came from.
But you haven't been hit.
Ernie, you haven't been hit. What...
Bus leaves for practice in a half hour.
Be here when I get back?
I'll be here.
Right two to Maury, right two to Maury.

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