The Express (2008): Not Playing This Season


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The clip not playing this season from The Express (2008) with Rob Brown

Blue 3-21!
Blue 3-21!
Hut! Hut!
Hey, Ernie!
The man wants to see you.
All right, get back.
Let's go.
Hey, Mr. Modell.
How are you?
I'm good. I've been watching you.
I'm still trying to find my rhythm out there.
You know, new system and all.
Yeah, listen, Ernie.
All I need is some rest.
Yeah, the system is...
Once I get used to it...
All right. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie,
I spoke with Dr. Hewlett and...
Look, he doesn't know what it is, but they know something's not right, Ernie.
I should have told you earlier, kid. I really can't clear you for practice.
If I can't practice, how am I gonna play?
You're not gonna play. Not now.
And maybe not this season.
Well, when?
I don't know.
I don't know, kid.
Get better, okay? Your job is to get well.
Mr. Modell, you don't understand.

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