Halloween (2007): Murdering Laurie's Family


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The clip murdering laurie's family from Halloween (2007)

Girls, you look so beautiful.
Little princesses.
Trick or treat.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Here's some candy.
Oh, Happy Halloween.
You, too.
Bye, you guys.
Thank you. Bye.
So cute.
I cannot believe you're graduating this year.
I remember when you used to run around looking like that.
Mom, I was never a princess.
Last thing I was at their age was dead Little Red Riding Hood.
You were this beautiful ballerina-
No, you bought me the blood and you gave me the cuts.
"My costume's too tight. "
You don't remember that?
I never wore a tutu.
You getting many kids?
Only two so far.
be careful tonight.
I know.
A lot of nut cases come out on Halloween.
It's, uh- What was it you told me to say?
Amateur night.
Yeah, that's right. Amateur night.
Dad, I'm just going to be babysitting.
What's the worst thing I could do?
All right, okay.
I'm just saying.
All right.
Mom, st-
Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Strode!
Hey, Annie.
How's your dad?
Oh, you know, same as always.
You know what that means?
Yeah. Love you guys!
Love you, too!
Gonna give me some lovin'?
I'll give you some lovin' later, but first you're going to talk about the vacation.
I'm going to go build a fire.
I hate vacation. Let's stay home.

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