Second Coming (2009): Something's Wrong With Barry


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The clip Something's Wrong With Barry from Second Coming (2009)

Hi, this is Ashley. I can't get to you right now..
I didn't think you're coming?
Well, I wasn't gonna come, but..
.. very glad I did.
Is it fine if I get a candid picture of you two?
Sure, go ahead.
Alright, smile for me.
Thank you guys, have a good night.
Lora, you can't still be upset with me. It been what, a year?
Besides, I said I was sorry.
As if sorry makes everything okay, right?
That's not fair, Lora.
That's not fair either to me, that's what's not fair.
I made a mistake, what else do you want me to say?
I think I made a mistake, too.
So what's this then, you're leaving?
I'm afraid so.
Lora my dear, is everything okay?
I'm fine.
Can't sleep?
Can I get you anything?
No, thanks hon, I'm fine.
Where is Carolyn?
In bed.
On the phone, of course.

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