Second Coming (2009): Lora Visits Her Psychologist


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The clip Lora Visits Her Psychologist from Second Coming (2009)

We have this bond.
When she's sad, I am too.
Or when something's wrong, I can feel it.
If she's in pain, or if somebody hurts her..
then it hurts me too.
You have no idea how life has been.
I mean, having a twin in a lot of ways is difficult, I don't think people realised.
What do you mean?
I mean, it's like we belong together, like one person.
It's never Lora or Ashley, it's the twins.
I'm responsible for her actions, and it's not fair.
I know I'm sounding to selfish right now. But..
Not at all.
Having your own identity is crucial to every aspect of..
your physchological development.
Resenting your sister is very normal in this kind of situation.
You said you've been having dreams about her?
Didn't you say that you two have only recently established your relationship..
together, is that correct?
I just...
I just wanna fixed her, I can't.
Stop it.
Seriously, stop it.
Stop it.
Ashley, don't.

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