Bean (1997): the Speech


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The clip the speech from Bean (1997)

It's a poster.
It's a what?
David, it's time.
Time for what?
The speech.
What? Wait. What speech?
Congratulations, David.
Dr Bean's speech about the painting.
Yes, of course, the speech.
Now, Doctor, try to keep it below an hour.
And if there could be one joke in it, that would be nice.
"Good Morning, America... couldn't give a flying monkey about '-isms' and..."
Oh, you know what I mean.
It doesn�t have to go on for long. Just�.
Dr Bean? We're ready for you.
Right this way.
Just, just, just...
And now, for the second highlight of our day,
Dr Bean, a great English art scholar, is here to speak for a few minutes,
not too long, Doctor, on the subject our new purchase.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Bean of the National Gallery of England.
Well, hello.
I'm Dr Bean...apparently...
and my job is to sit and look at paintings.
Just him and the painting?
So, what have I learned
that I can say about this painting?
Well, firstly, it's quite big.
Which is excellent.
Because if it was really small - you know, microscopic -
then hardly anybody would be able to see it,

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