Bean (1997): the Bathroom


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The clip the bathroom from Bean (1997)

Well, sir. An unorthodox start.
I guess I never expected things with a man of your calibre
to be normal.
I gotta confess... I never actually read anything you've written.
Tell me doctor... what exactly is your position at the gallery?
I sit in the corner and look at the paintings.
Ah!... That is brilliant!
If only more scholars would do that
you know,
just sit and look.
You know... not lecture, and write and argue,
just sit and look at the paintings themselves.
Now that is brilliant! Yeah.
Morning, Elmer.
Good morning, sir.
Dr Bean.
If you'd like to sign in, sir.
Thank you. Welcome to the Grierson Dr Bean.
Welcome to my world.
We're expected in Grierson's office at 9am.
Now this is a man who does not like to be kept waiting, so if you...
Do you mind if I...?
Oh yeah. Okay, absolutely. You bet.
All right...

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