Bean (1997): Break Picture


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The clip break picture from Bean (1997)

Dr Bean, when we get home, I wonder...
...when we get home, I wonder if you would mind
giving me a moment with my wife?
There's a little something we need to work out.
No problem.
Yeah, I think... just wait in here would be good.
Oh, just ignore that.
Her mother gave it to us. Huge sentimental value, you know, so...
Just make yourself at home.
I'll be just a couple of minutes with Alison.
Oh, doctor...
I would actually not do that.
That's a limited edition.
It's that it's delicate, so if you...
or, yeah, if... put it there would be good.
Yeah. Okay, that's... all right.
No dr. Bean?
Well, actually, no, he is still here, but let me...
Jennifer, Kevin, Plan B!
You have luggage packed? What is Plan B?
Plan B is: If you haven't gotten rid of dr.Bean, we go to Grandma's.
I can't believe you... Screwed up again, huh, Dad?
Oh, come on, there was no time to raise the subject!
Kevin, start the car, would you, sweetie?
Oh, Ali, wait a second and look...
No, you look, David, my darling, I have asked very little from you,
but I did ask you to get rid of dr. Bean.
and you have made your choice. So you two can stay here
and really come to grips with post-modernism,
but I am taking our children to my mother's.
Just give him one last chance. Just one.

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