Bean (1997): Turkey in the Microwave


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The clip turkey in the microwave from Bean (1997) with Peter MacNicol, Rowan Atkinson

What the hell are we going to give them?
Yes, I think they may be expecting something slightly more formal.
An onion? Just on its own?
No, no, don�t be ridiculous. That's for Thanksgiving. Alison would kill me.
There must be something else.
Have you ever cooked one of these before?
Oh, yes.
But anyway, it would take like five hours, right?
Not necessarily.
What do you think? 20 minutes?
I... I don't know?
You�re sure this is gonna work?
Okay, you're the chef.
Just put on some vegetables and come and say hello.
Maestro, my tastebuds are positively tingling with anticipation.
No, thanks.
I think we�ll pass on the appetizer.
So, Bean. Big day Tuesday.
Your big day, my big day.
I have a question for you.
He's very attentive to details.
Everything must be... just so.

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