Bean (1997): Dry Pants with Ventilator


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The clip dry pants with ventilator from Bean (1997)

Oh, we... Doctor, we... if you... when you're ready... Okay.
Ah, David, finally.
And this must be our professor from across the sea.
Yes. George Grierson, this is Dr Bean.
I'm delighted, Doctor.
Actually, I'm not...
Dr Bean? Can we get a photo, sir?
Right there.
We've heard a great deal about you Doctor.
We expect a great deal of you.
And this is Bernice, in charge of PR.
An absolute honour, Doctor.
All right, thank you. And Walter Huntley, our merchandise manager.
Nice to meet you.
Moving along... Take a seat, Doctor.
Here, let me take that old thing. This is very out-of-date.
Thank you.
Before we settle in, you might wanna feast your eyes on these.
Well, I'll be honest with you, Bean.
I like this.
It's beautiful, sir.
I think... it is. Yeah.
Over here.
It's a lovely green there.
Good, good. Down to business.
I've asked Bernice to run through the order of events for the opening
Dr Bean, would you like to join us?
No, no, I'll just...
Very well,
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