Bean (1997): on the Airplane


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The clip on the airplane from Bean (1997)

Good evening.
No, sir. You're in fact in First Class.
Good evening.
Good evening, sir. May I take your coat?
Thank you.
Good. Simple poster. Nice and big.
Its actual size. A bargain at $9.99.
Yes, sir.
Bath towel.
Mmm... yeah! Pushing your luck a little here, Walter.
It'll sell.
It's Whistler's Sister.
You are kidding.
No, sir. We have a range for every member of the family.
Whistler's Mother's cookies. Chocolate chip.
Whistler's Father's beer mug.
And here's a really cute one for the younger-brother range:
Whistler's whistle. You just blow up her ass.
Yeah. I.. I...
Here, try.
Mommy, I don't feel well.

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