Howard the Duck (1986): the Dark Overlord of the Universe 2


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The clip the dark overlord of the universe 2 from Howard the Duck (1986) with Wanda McCaddon, Ed Gale

Oh, after you.
Hey, sorry.
This is why I hate the night' shift.
I'm sorry, we don't allow pets on the premises.
Hey, have a heart. Seeing eye duck.
Touching, isn't he?
Not so tight. What are you doing? Falling in love?
Yeah, sit down.
I need a beer bad. Gotta find a waitress.
Hey, honey! You!
Yeah, I'm coming.
Here she comes.
Your kid's costume is really radical. I'll bet he's crazy about...
Yeah, I'm very attached to him.
Your dad's sort of in his own space.
What do you think he'd like to eat?
I no longer need human food.
I know it's a drag, but you're gonna have to order some food...
if you wanna sit here, so how about the specials on the menu?
You are about to witness the end of the old world...
and the birth of the new.
Hey, is he like one of those TV Evangelists or something?
Or something.
I'm gonna kill somebody.
It's okay, Howard.
Why don't we just have three specials and three beers.
Poor girl.
Listen, Dr. J.
If you could tune back into reality for a second.
I don't understand anything you're talking about.

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