Howard the Duck (1986): Beverly's Home


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The clip Beverly's home from Howard the Duck (1986)

Nice place. Do you pay to live here?
It's cheap. The manager of my band found it for me.
I suggest you find a new manager.
I'd love to, but we got this damn contract with this sleazoid.
He won't even give us the money he owes us.
Come on in.
It's sort of a disaster area.
We've been working on some new songs, you know.
See, the band's called Cherry Bomb and, well...
we've been playing these grungy mong-holes waiting for our big break.
You don't have any idea what I'm talking about, do you Mister...
It's Howard, thank you.
Right, Howard.
Hi, I'm Beverly.
Listen, would you like something to eat or drink?
Milk? I could put it in a bowl.
Doll, I don't drink out of bowls. You got a beer?
Beer? Right, beer, right.
God, I can't believe this.
I'll put you in a bowl.
Give me a break.
What's this?
It's a purse.
I got it at a swap meet.
I'm sorry I'm so nervous. It's just that I've never been around a...
I mean, I've never even had any pets or anything, you know?
They seem like such a hassle. You know, feeding them...
cleaning up their little poo-poos.
I'll try to be careful.
No, I didn't mean that you...
Look, why don't you just sit down...
Okay, why not?

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