Howard the Duck (1986): Backstage of Rockshow


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The clip backstage of rockshow from Howard the Duck (1986)

We're all music lovers, huh?
What a guy.
Those guys are a bunch of fools.
Obviously the wrong crowd.
I'm running out of sticks to throw at these people! Sucks!
Now who?
Look, tell him to go away.
Down here, doll. Is Beverly in?
Geez, you must be K. C...
Meet Howard.
Hi, oh, Howie.
We've heard so much about you. Of course, we didn't believe it.
How weird.
Hi you, Ducky.
Hi, Toots.
How's the world been treating you?
I was worried about you.
I missed you.
Well, sex appeal...
some guys got it...
and some guys don't.
Listen, I'm sorry we fought. You're the only friend...
I've got here.
Hi, sorry I missed the show. I came to watch you undress, though.
And I brought a pizza.
Thank God you're back. I've been working on...
the mystery of your arrival.
What's he doing here?
Well, he and Ronette have sort of got back together.
I don't know who's more desperate for dates, you or me.
Anyway, Howard, I was talking to some Astro-physicists.
You know, the guys who discovered that Aztecs came from Mars?
Well, these guys concluded...
That you arrived here in a space craft millions of years ago, and...
must've remained frozen in ice.
Go away!
Ronette, could you shut this boy up?
What's a pizza?
It's a circular Italian food object. Howard...
I didn't buy that theory either, so I did some research...

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