Howard the Duck (1986): Telescope Explosion


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The clip telescope explosion from Howard the Duck (1986)

What are these alarms?
Something's happened.
What's happened?
I don't know.
That is really cool.
Right. Hold it!
My eyes! My eyes! It exploded again! It was terrible!
We have no right to tamper with the Universe.
This does not hold well.
Is he okay?
Get out of the way!
It's still hot!
Get them out of here! Head for the emergency exists.
Howard, where are you going?
Larry, where's Dr. Jenning?
Carter, come here.
Let me show you this.
He was pre-activating the laser spectra-scope...
we lost control again and there was another explosion.
And, Jenning caught the full force of the blast this time.
Is he all right? Where is he?
You, you see the bottom...
of the spectra scope, blew it to the wall and Jenning just...
just disappeared.
Excuse me.
But is this gonna delay my take-off?
Is, is that it? That's unbelievable!
Yeah. We brought Howard down the first time, but what if...
God, Larry what if we brought down something else this time?

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