Howard the Duck (1986): Looking for a Job


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The clip looking for a job from Howard the Duck (1986)

Now you do know why you were sent to me?
My continuing streak of bad luck?
You've been sent to me because I'm famous for finding job...
for little slackers like you. That's right.
They send me all the psycho cases. All the misfits.
All the phonies and the fakers who think that...
by traipsing in here looking outlandish...
they're not gonna be able to find work!
It's my fault I gotta shoplift at the little tyke section of goodwill?
I'm not talking about your clothes, I'm talking about your face.
You think that by looking controversial, you're never...
gonna find a job and just go on collecting unemployment...
and living happy on the public dough.
Well, dude, you've got another think coming!
Because Cora Mae always places her interviewee.
I'm gonna find your ass a job.
That'll wipe that snarl right off your face, little whatever you is.
In fact, I think I got just the position for you!
I got a feeling you're gonna take to this job like a duck to water.

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