Touch of Evil (1958): Warning Susie


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The clip Warning Susie from Touch of Evil (1958)

All I can say is, this better be important.
It is.
I think we're out of our minds to be here in Mexico at all.
Well, Vargas,
You sent for us.
Mr. Adair.
Gentlemen. No, it isn't really true that I sent for you. Mr. Schwartz insisted...
Let's get down to cases.
You know Chief Gould.
How do you do?
Where's this so-called document?
Perhaps we'd better go to my room.
By all means.
In here, gentlemen.
Go ahead.
No, I'll walk.
Oh, okay.
The lift is rather small, I'm afraid. Chief Gould.
Just press the button for the second floor. I'll meet you there.
I still don't know why Vargas couldn't come to my office.
He has practically cabinet status with the Mexican government.
Well, if he's so important...
He can't make a formal call...
on either of you without going through his consulate and putting the whole thing...
On an international level.
Okay, okay! What does it boil down to?
This Mexican is bringing charges against one of the most respected police officers...
in the country, and that's what it boils down to!
Eh... Well, Vargas, you must be pretty quick on your feet.
It's just that the lift is slow. This way, gentlemen.
Thank you.
After you.
I have it right over here.
While you're looking at it, perhaps you'll excuse me if I finish a call I put in.
Conectame con el Motel Mirador.
Where'd you get this?
From your department of records.
Well, it doesn't mean anything.
El Senor Vargas, si.
That's your wife you're calling, isn't it?
You know who owns the Mirador?
No, I...
"June 18.

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