Touch of Evil (1958): The Murder in the Hotel


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The clip The murder in the hotel from Touch of Evil (1958)

You got her undressed?
Yeah. We have scattered more reefer stubs around.
You kids didn't use none of that stuff yourself, huh?
Think we're crazy?
Nobody in the Grandi family gets hooked, understand? That's the rule.
We blew the smoke in her clothes, that's all.
Like you said. We put on a good show to scare her.
Let's hope it was good enough.
When she wakes up, she's gonna think maybe something really did happen.
All right, now. Hit it.
What about our dough?
We were not doing this for fun, Uncle Joe.
Beat it.
You're gonna get your dough tomorrow.
Beat it.
Turn out the lights.
But why?
Nobody can see you up here.
You sure?
Of course, I'm sure.
Hey, what are you doing?
I brought you up here for a reason.

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