Touch of Evil (1958): Arrest Part 3


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The clip arrest Part 3 from Touch of Evil (1958) with Victor Millan, Orson Welles

I promised Chief Gould that I'd keep you informed.
This is it. We've broken the case.
Rudy Linnekar was blown up with eight sticks of dynamite, and Sanchez stole ten.
That leaves two, and we found 'em both.
You heard that, boy. We found the dynamite.
That's impossible.
We found two sticks.
" Black Fox," the identical brand.
The right number.
Where did you find this? Where?
Right here in your love nest.
Where you had it stashed.
What are you trying to do?
We're trying to strap you to the electric chair, boy.
We don't like it when innocent people are blown to jelly in our town.
Yes, an old lady on Main Street last night picked up a shoe.
The shoe had a foot in it. We're gonna make you pay for that mess.
They're trying to railroad me. I don't know why.
I never stole any dynamite. Soy inocente.
Yo juro que soy inocente.
You'll have to stop him yourself.
From now on, he can talk Hindu for all the good it'll do him.
He swears on his mother's grave that there has never been any dynamite in this apartment.
Sure. Sure. Take him in. Book him.
Let's go.
You say you found this dynamite in the bathroom?
Pete found it. Show him the dynamite, Pete.
It's right here.
Can't you do something to help me?

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