Touch of Evil (1958): Finding Dynamite Part 3


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The clip Finding dynamite Part 3 from Touch of Evil (1958) with Charlton Heston

He swears on his mother's grave that there has never been any dynamite in this apartment.
Sure. Sure. Take him in. Book him.
Let's go.
You say you found this dynamite in the bathroom?
Pete found it. Show him the dynamite, Pete.
It's right here.
Can't you do something to help me?
Oh, what're you scared of, partner?
That stuff isn't nearly as easy to blow up as people seem to think.
It doesn't go off that easy.
You found the dynamite in this box?
Yeah. Pete found it. We told you that.
I looked in that box just now.
There wasn't anything there.
I know how you feel.
Do you?
Sure, I do.
You people are touchy.
It's only human you'd want to come to the defense of your fellow countryman.
Vargas. Vargas, don't worry.
Why should I worry?
Go right ahead and say anything you want to.
Folks'll bear your natural prejudice in mind.
I saw that shoe box ten minutes ago, Captain.
Yeah, maybe you didn't notice.
I knocked it over on the bathroom floor.
I couldn't very well have failed to notice two sticks of dynamite.
Tell any story you want to, Vargas.
The shoe box was empty.
Go on sayin' it was empty. Folks'll understand.
I'm sayin' more than that, Captain.
You framed that boy. Framed him!
What's the matter with him, Hank? Is he crazy?
That must be it. Crazy.
Hank, what're we gonna do with Grandi? Take him in?

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