Touch of Evil (1958): Detaining Uncle Joe


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The clip Detaining Uncle Joe from Touch of Evil (1958)

Get goin'.
Now, listen, this is ridiculous.
Now go on.
Who's this?
Who are you?
Don't push.
Where's Captain Quinlan?
He's in there makin' a search.
What am I doing in here?
Oh, Hank!
What's the idea, barging in on me like this?
Sorry, Hank.
What you got in here?
I forgot to give you your cane.
All right, sit down.
Queer thing, Hank.
I know him.
When I was taking Mrs. Vargas, I picked this guy on the way.
It's Uncle Joe Grandi. Why'd you bring him in here?
For some crazy reason, he was following me in his car.
He was tailin' you?
Why would I be following a cop? He's an idiot.
Maybe because you thought he was a Mexican cop.
Because you thought he was Vargas. He was drivin' Vargas' car.
You're right. So I thought I was following Vargas. So what?
Sit down.
It's a free country.
Shut up.

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