Touch of Evil (1958): Calling Susan


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The clip calling susan from Touch of Evil (1958)

Is this the Mirador Motel? I'm trying to...
Yes, it's the Mirador Motel, and it's me.
Oh, darling, the news is bad.
Quinlan is about to arrest that boy Sanchez and...
Mike, is that why you called? To tell me somebody's been arrested?
No, that's not really why I called. It...
It's to tell you how sorry I am about all this...
and how very, very much I love you.
I'm still here, my own darling Miguel.
Oh. I thought maybe you'd fallen asleep.
I was just listening to you breathe.
It's a lovely sound, but I am sleepy.
Of course you are.
Well, then, I'll be calling you back later. Good-bye for now.
Oh, I just wanted to tell you I'm awfully tired.
Excuse me, this is Mrs. Vargas talking.
I know. It couldn't be anybody else.
You're the only guest we got here just now... in the whole place.
Oh, well, as I started to tell you,
there's no sign to put up outside the door,
and I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be disturbed.
Oh, that is, if you're the one who's in charge.
Don't you worry, Mrs. Vargas. I am the one who's in charge.
Nobody's going to get through to you... unless I say so.
Vargas! Sergeant Menzies wanted me to give you this. Your car key.

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