Touch of Evil (1958): Susie Wants to Leave Part 2


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The clip Susie wants to leave Part 2 from Touch of Evil (1958) with Charlton Heston

Until he gets out, who's running this outfit?
Aw, stop it, will ya?
Who's in charge?
All right, you.
Oh, what a setup to work with.
One brother in jail. Two others dead.
And nobody left to carry on the business but a bunch of nephews.
Listen, Uncle...
Don't do that!
You lost your rug.
Half of you too wet behind the ears.
This isn't the real Mexico. You know that.
All border towns bring out the worst in a country.
I can just imagine your mother's face if she could see our honeymoon hotel.
Senor Vargas.
Un momento. Does this mean you're taking that plane back?
Because it doesn't leave for another two hours yet.
All I can say is, if you are taking that plane, I'm very glad. Bueno.
I'm very glad you're very glad.
Who told you to start the funny stuff with the acid? Who told you?
I just wanted to give that wife of his something to think about on the honeymoon.
She's gonna get plenty. Don't you worry.
Here. You lost your rug.
What? Oh.
You lost your rug.
My old man is in no shape for the pen. If they give him ten, he dies.
Yeah? And if Vargas gets hurt, what happens?
My brother Vic is just as good as convicted. You leave Vargas to me.
Uncle Joe? Uncle Joe.
Sal, take it to her.
Esto es para usted.
I don't want any more postcards.

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