Touch of Evil (1958): Tana and Quinlan Part 3


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The clip Tana and Quinlan Part 3 from Touch of Evil (1958)

Vargas and these Keystone Cops seem to be giving the Grandi family...
Quite a few headaches lately.
Did your intuition also tell you about my wife?
She was accosted in the street a little while ago...
and led across to some dive on your side of the border.
The Vargas family...
seems to be getting into quite a lot of trouble tonight.
Can you describe this man?
Well, the first one seems...
Oh, the first one?
To have been young, good-looking...
Were there two men?
Not exactly.
Not exactly. You're saying she was taken to this dive by force?
Not by force. No.
One of the Grandis was there waiting.
Short, fat, with a mustache.
Uncle Joe.
I haven't run into him. What?
They call him Uncle Joe.
That's right.
Go on.
W... What do you mean, "go on"?
I've told you what happened. Aren't you going to do something?
Make it a charge. Isn't that police procedure in Mexico?
You say your wife was attacked.
I did not say she was attacked.
Did she say she was molested?
Not physically. No.
Was obscene language used?
I don't think so.
Then how do you explain the fact that your wife allowed herself to be picked up?

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