Touch of Evil (1958): Menzies Helps Part 3

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Published 27 Nov 2011
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The clip Menzies helps Part 3 from Touch of Evil (1958)

Clean! What do you think you're carrying that microphone for?
Don't cross your arms. I won't be able to get a word right.
I know, I know.
I've gotta get the truth from Quinlan on tape.
He could stay there the rest of the week like he used to.
Now, look, why don't you just take your wife home and let me handle this?
It's my job. It's my job, too, Menzies.
It's my job. It's my job, too, Menzies.
You think I like it? I hate this machine.
Spying, creeping in back alleys...
How do you think I feel?
Hank is the best friend I've ever had.
That's one reason for my staying.
Oh, you don't trust me, huh?
Don't forget, I was the one that showed you that cane. I didn't have to do it.
Oh, yes, you did, Sergeant.
Somebody could have planted it there...
Beside Grandi's corpse.
You know better than that.
You say the reefers were planted. Why not Hank's cane?
You know better.
You're an honest cop.
Sure I am.
And who made me an honest cop? Hank Quinlan.
Come on, Menzies.
I am what I am because of him.
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