Patch Adams (1998): Writing Down Ideas


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The clip writing down ideas from Patch Adams (1998) with Robin Williams, Monica Potter

It'll be a totally free-form building.
It'll have, like, slides and secret passageways and game rooms.
Slow down. I can't write that fast.
I can't slow down.
We'll use humor to heal pain and suffering.
Doctors and patients will work side-by-side as peers.
There'll be no titles, no bosses.
People will come from all over the world to fulfill their dream of helping other people.
They'll be a community where joy is a way of life...
where learning is the highest aim, where love is the ultimate goal.
You have all that?
Yeah, not verbatim, but the overall insanity's intact.
That's why you have to help me.
Patch, no.
I know it's not gonna be easy, but you said anything worth doing is difficult.
Look, um-
I'm not like you, Patch.
I want the white coat. I want people to call me doctor more than anything.
I want the recognition.
You'll get it every day in the eyes of patients you're helping.
There is more to life than what Dean Walcott puts out there.
That is all about power and control, all right?
I know you're scared.
You're right. I am scared.
I'm scared to death.
You know, you sit here and you talk about life without limits...
you know, and breaking the rules.
It all sounds very, very romantic.
You wanna know what the truth is about all that crap, Patch, hmm?
People get hurt.
And who did it to you?
I have to go.
No, don't. Please. No, no. Listen to me. Come on.
Whatever it is
Come on. You can tell me.
I can help you. I swear I can.
Good night. I'll see you tomorrow.
Please, let me help you.
I'm really starting to love the back of your head.

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