Patch Adams (1998): Talking to Beany


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The clip talking to beany from Patch Adams (1998) with Robin Williams

Why are we meeting in here? It's cramped.
Well, Everton, we're meeting in here so that Rudy can participate.
It's cramped.
Does anyone else have a thought on that?
I think he has a question.
Do you find that funny, Hunter, making fun of a man's infirmity?
Maybe he does have a question. He's alive.
He's catatonic.
Well, he still has a brain.
Maybe he wants to participate too.
Maybe he has a question.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe he knows why we're cramped!
Maybe Beany knows a lot more than we give him credit for.
Excuse me. Beany? Which way is heaven?
That's correct!
That'll be enough, Hunter.
Beany, how much taller is Wilt Chamberlain than you?
Hey, Beany! Beany! Where's the ceiling?
That's enough. Stop it.
Where do the birds fly, Beany?
How do you say hello to Hitler?
Beany, how does Hitler say hello?
How do you check an elephant for a hernia?
Who would win a staring contest? Beany!
Who farted?
Who likes to masturbate?
I do! I do!
Hey, Beany, how does an one-armed referee say "field goal"?
Ha ha! Hey, Beany!
Ciao, Beany! Arigato, Beany!
Bye, Beany.
It was a really good session, I thought.

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