Patch Adams (1998): Asking Mitch for Help


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The clip asking mitch for help from Patch Adams (1998) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams

You need my help.
I prefer to think I'm using you.
You have one shot.
You'd have to appeal to the state medical board.
How does that work?
You claim that a prejudice and injustice has occurred.
They'll be worried about a suit. They'll have to investigate.
Then what?
They'll review your grades, which is good
you're almost top of the class-
but mostly your behavior.
Do you have any idea what Walcott has on you?
How'd you get these?
Don't ask.
They can't prevent me from graduating because of a personality clash, can they?
Hunter, this is a medical institution you're dealing with.
They draw their own law.
You'll have to get their focus on your high marks and off of this.
I'm screwed, aren't I?
You're almost a doctor.
They're a panel of doctors.
Just think of them as your peers... and return these.
And get a suit.

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