Patch Adams (1998): Patch Takes His Records


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The clip patch takes his records from Patch Adams (1998) with Bob Gunton, Robin Williams

You turn around and walk right out of here.
Everything will be delineated in your letter of dismissal.
You don't fit in.
There are standards and codes.
You make the patients and everyone else around you uncomfortable.
I make you uncomfortable.
Well, you can make this into a personal issue if you'd like.
But the reality is, you are not cut out to be a physician.
And it is my responsibility-
You have one responsibility
to be a dick-head. How hard can that be?
All you have to do is make sure your head is a dick and it's attached to your neck.
You leave immediately.
I wanna see my records.
They're confidential.
Only the staff-
Please, you have to have permission.
You can't just go in there and take your own file!
Your marks are basically perfect.

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