Gladiator (2000): a Coup in the Making Part 40


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The clip a coup in the making Part 40 from Gladiator (2000) with Oliver Reed, Spencer Treat Clark

All right, Let him pass!
The emperor wants battles, and I don't want to sacrifice my best fighters.
The crowd wants battles, so the emperor gives them battles.
And you get the battle of Carthage.
The massacre of Carthage. Guten tag.
Oh, why don't you go down to the prison and round up all the beggars and thieves.
We've done that.
If you want to give away the best gladiators in the whole of the empire,
I want double the rates.
You'll get your contract rates, or you'll get your contract cancelled.
You don't like it?
Then you can crawl back down that shithole that you came from.
-Cassius, please! Please, Cassius!
Gladiator, are you the one they call the Spaniard?
They said you were a giant.
They said you could crush a man's skull with one hand.
A man's? No.
A boy's.
They have good horses in Spain?
Some of the best.
This is Argento, and this is Scarto.

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