Gladiator (2000): The Jaded Son


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The clip The jaded son from Gladiator (2000) with Richard Harris, Joaquin Phoenix

Are you ready to do your duty for Rome?
Yes, Father.
You will not be emperor.
Which wiser, older man is to take my place?
My powers will pass to Maximus to hold in trust until the Senate is ready to rule once more.
Rome is to be a republic again.
My decision disappoints you?
You wrote to me once,
Listing the four chief virtues.
Wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance.
As I read the list, I knew I had none of them.
But I have other virtues, Father.
That can be a virtue when it drives us to excel.
Resourcefulness. Courage.
Perhaps not on the battlefield, but there are many forms of courage.
Devotion- to my family and to you.

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